Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Economics and Law

Dean: Prof. Anna Maria Fellegara
Campuses: Piacenza, Cremona

1 Single-cycle Master’s Degree program
3 Bachelor’s Degree programs
2 Master’s Degree programs

The Faculty of Economics and Law is located at the Piacenza Campus, one of Italy's most modern and student-friendly learning environments, and is active at the Cremona Campus with a Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Economics. The faculty offers a high level service of delivery of various distinctly differentiated courses in the areas of both economics and law. In the field of economics, the courses are aimed at developing managerial and professional skills in the areas of marketing, sales management, finance, business administration, and human resources management. A double-degree program allows for student involvement in an international exchange programme, with the first two years spent at the Piacenza Campus and the final two years at a partner university, either in Europe or in the United States. Interactive and innovative teaching methods are combined with opportunities for students to work with important companies and professional firms, thereby promoting a continuous exchange between theoretical concepts and business practices, and a positive relationship between Università Cattolica and the business world. In the field of law, the courses are aimed at providing increasingly more proficient training for access to the legal professions. Students are also able to personalise their degree programs by selecting courses from a large array of electives. With the 2014-2015 academic year, three new pathways are to be introduced: courtroom theory and practice, business law, and international law. Traditional teaching methods are combined with e.g. seminars, case simulations and so on to highlight the links with socioeconomic disciplines. Aside from the inter-class banking and law Bachelor’s degree program, the general approach is to draw on different disciplines so as prepare students for prospective careers in the traditional legal profession and also in other areas such as companies, public offices, international organisations, and associations.

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