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Reporting to the Supervisory Board

This form can be used to submit a report to the Supervisory Board (OdV: Organismo di Vigilanza) concerning any breach or attempted breach of the Code of Ethics, the Organisation, Management and Control Model (general and special sections), the Statute and all University Regulations.

A report submitted using this form the form will only be investigated by the OdV if: 1) it is not made anonymously; 2) it follows an unresolved report previously submitted to the relevant individuals appointed by the University in specific Divisions, Directorates and/or Services to manage critical issues, unless actions of conduct by these individuals themselves are the subject of the report.

The same form can also be used to submit comments and suggestions to the Supervisory Board for improvements to the Code of Ethics.

The form must be fully completed and will be transmitted after clicking ‘Send’.

The identity of any person submitting a report will be kept anonymous by the OdV, and they will be protected from any form of retaliation or discrimination, and will not be penalised in any way. The OdV guarantees total confidentiality and anonymity of any person submitting a report in good faith, in line with the University’s Code of Ethics and current laws.

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