Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Vita e Pensiero publishing house

Vita e Pensiero, the Università Cattolica’s publishing house, was founded in Milan, on 20 January 1918, and is the oldest university press in Italy.

The name derives from the eponymous magazine which was founded in 1914 and that celebrated its centenary in 2014. In the following decades the publisher’s catalogue was augmented with numerous academic journals that, still today, constitute the privileged venue where research is expressed in the various disciplines in which the University is specialised.

On the foundations laid out by the forbearers, Vita e Pensiero carries forward its publishing production by giving voice to the most significant research carried out by international scholars and by Italian professors and researchers from the Catholic university, thus, contributing to the dissemination of the humanistic-inspired heritage in the current cultural transition. The non-fiction works listed in the catalogue aim to guide readers to the understanding of contemporary culture in the fields of philosophy, literature, sociology, history, art, pedagogy, communication and media, law and, of course, religion in a dialogue that also includes authoritative voices from the secular world.

The book, ebook and magazine catalogue can be consulted online at www.vitaepensiero.it

Largo A. Gemelli, 1
20123 Milan
telephone: 02-7234.2335 – fax: 02-7234.2260
email: editrice.vp@unicatt.it
website: www.vitaepensiero.it