Notes and information on accessibility

In IT terms accessibility refers to how easy it is to access and use a service, resource or piece of equipment. The term is also usually associated with ease of use of IT systems and software by people with permanent or temporary total or partial sensory, motor or psychological impairment or disability. (

Processes, methodologies and instructions

The UCSC sites have been developed in line with technical requirements as set on in Law 4/2004 (Ministerial Decree 8/7/2005 - Attachment A) - Provision of access to IT tools for disabled people.
The related documentation can be easily accessed on the government publiaccesso site: All pages of the new UCSC sites carry XHTML 1.0 Strict certification and flexibility of the presentation of material is guaranteed by the use of valid CSS.
Reference may be made on the site to online services from previous years which were set up without reference to the Stanca law. These services will be gradually updated and reviewed in line with current legislation.

Keyboardless navigation

Access keys

Quick links to the main sections of pages can be can be activated in various ways depending on the browser used and the operating system.

Main page content

  • ALT+1 in Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (Windows)
  • ALT+SHIFT+1 in Firefox (Windows)
  • SHIFT+ESC+1 in Opera (Windows e Mac OS)
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  • CTRL+1 Firefox (Mac OS)


Menu of page content

  • ALT+2 in Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (Windows)
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General menu

  • ALT+3 in Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (Windows)
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Search site

  • ALT+4 in Internet Explorer (Windows), Safari (Windows)
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Tab index

Navigation via the TAB key has not been explicitly set out but the structure of the page allows for access to all parts of the page (links, menus, content etc).

Graphics and navigation

The graphics were designed not simply from an aesthetic point of view but also so as to be simple and extremely user-friendly. However, it is also possible to enlarge text or apply personal styles (CSS) to make visualize material better and therefore make it easier to understand.

Use of tables

The main structure of the site was designed without tables. Tables have only been used to present data when absolutely necessary from the point of view of the user.