Classes, exams and student services: information regarding the first semester

After the endeavours of recent months towards ensuring continuity of the delivery of programmes at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, classes resumed in September on all university campuses in a mixed form, whether with students physically present on campus or online, in line with the philosophy that "Everything possible will happen on campus, everything necessary will be delivered remotely" and as set down by each individual faculty:

Those who wish to attend classes physically on campus may do so in compliance with social distancing rules and if spaces are available. All classes can however be followed remotely for the full academic year in the forms set out in the #eCatt plan.

Details of how your programme will be organised:

iCatt: the main means of communication with students

Personal iCatt pages and the related iCatt app are the essential means of communication for information about how classes and exams will be held and how to access services. We recommend that first-year students start to use these two resources as soon as possible.

Accessing the university

For the 2020-2021, while current regulations remain in force, students may access campuses only to:

  • attend classes on campus, in line with procedures set out below and available on iCatt
  • use services they are entitled to, in line with booking procedures, also available on iCatt

Class timetables will be available on the iCatt portal and on the iCatt app. Rooms will be indicated for on campus classes or ‘online class’ will be shown.
To ensure that social distancing rules are followed and to deal with the inevitable reduction in spaces available, students attending classes on campus will be divided into groups as necessary. Days, in rotation, will be assigned to each group for when they can access the campus.

The access days for the various groups will always be listed and available via iCatt. As of the beginning of November, if the health situation and regulations allow, students will be able to book access to the campus on days not assigned to their group, within the limits of the number of places available.

Course exams

Except for specific cases communicated through iCatt by the faculty of by individual professors/instructors, course exams will be held remotely for the September-October session. Should any exams be programmed with students being physically present on campus, students who cannot attend will always be able to take these exams remotely.

Final exams

While current regulations are still in place, final exams will be held remotely and where possible with students physically present on campus, in line with procedures set out by each faculty.

Office hours

Office hours will be carried out remotely, in the same way as in the last few months.

Student services

Students can access services either being physically present or remotely, as set out on the platform, on the iCatt app and here.
Study rooms can be used so long as a place is reserved via the platform or the iCatt app.
Cafeteria services managed by the Educatt Foundation will be open from September with social distancing and other measures in force to contain the risk of spreading the virus. Further information regarding cafeteria services not managed by the Educatt Foundation will be published as soon as possible.  

ICATT APP: How to know when to access to the University

Access to University campuses is permitted on specific days based on when access authorisation has been assigned or if a specific appointment was made via the online booking service.

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