Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Dean: Prof. Marco Trevisan
Campuses: Piacenza, Cremona

3 Undergraduate programmes
3 Graduate programmes

Inaugurated in Piacenza in the 1952-1953 academic year and in Cremona in 1984-1985, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences offers an outstanding learning environment where students are exposed to increasingly sophisticated technologies. The course offerings are closely related to the demands of the labour market and are focused on internationalization.
It is from this perspective that the faculty offers an undergraduate programme in Sustainable Agriculture for Food quality and Environment (SAFE) taught in English, a graduate programme in Agricultural and Food Economics taught in English, and a new viticulture curriculum as part of the Agricultural Technologies and Sciences programme. In addition to its teaching role, the faculty has played an important research role in its history of over sixty years, producing professionals and experts in highly specialised and significant fields of study, including: genetics and food security, crop and animal production, safeguarding dairy products, development of the wine production sector and the agri-food economy, and environment protection.