Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Political and Social Sciences

Dean: Prof. Guido Merzoni
Campuses: Milan, Brescia

6 Bachelor’s Degree programs (one of which is inter-faculty)
6 Master’s Degree programs (one of which is inter-faculty)

The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences came out of the union of the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Sociology in November 2012. Although the faculty is relatively new, education in these disciplines goes back to the university's foundation, with the first social sciences Bachelor’s degree programme in 1921. The new faculty retains the focus on the cultural identity of Università Cattolica and the institution's emphasis, in both research and teaching, on the core principles of common good, dignity of the person, solidarity and subsidiarity. The course offerings, which include a new public policies Master’s degree programme introduced in the 2013-2014 academic year, are designed to provide a balance between cultural awareness and professional training, and are based on an approach drawing on various disciplines which are studied on a separate and combined basis. This approach examines different political and social issues through the study of law, economics, politics, psychology, sociology and history. The aim is to facilitate the acquisition of the capacity to interpret events and to tackle problems through a grasp of all their various aspects. The degree programmes are designed to give the graduate flexibility and openness to the development of new skills. The faculty's specific focus on the issue of internationalisation is evident at different levels: course content; adherence to the standards accepted by the international academic community; the importance placed on visiting scholars; and encouragement of student mobility through study and work programmes abroad.