Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Dean: Prof. Alessandro Antonietti
Campuses: Milan, Brescia

2 Bachelor’s Degree programs
4 Master’s Degree programs
9 research laboratories.

Agostino Gemelli — physician, psychologist and founder of Università Cattolica — was one of the first medical professionals in Italy to promote the study of psychology as an independent discipline. As a result, the faculty draws on a legacy and a rich tradition of teaching and cutting edge scientific research.
A Bachelor’s Degree program in Psychology was first offered in 1933 within the Faculty of Education and was the seed which led to the eventual creation of the Faculty of Psychology in November 1999. With a view toward training professionals dealing with the individual as a whole and as a complex being, the teaching is focused on the relationships that link psychology with other spheres of research, including philosophy, biology, and the human and social sciences in general.