Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is made up of the Deans of the faculties and is chaired by the Rector and is the decision-making body for teaching and scientific issues of overall interest to the university and deliberates on matters concerning the regulations, planning and coordination of teaching and research activities.

The Senate has responsibility for the following matters, which may not be delegated to others:

  • proposing the university's statutes, ordinances and related amendments*, and determining the university's teaching regulations and related amendments after consultation with the Board of Directors;
  • preparing proposals and expressing views on the university’s development programmes;
  • selecting candidates to be put to the Board of Directors for the position of Rector, based on nominations made by the Faculty Boards, in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 19.

* When preparing proposals for amendments to university statutes, the Academic Senate also incorporates four full professors (two first band and two second band), two research fellows, as well as a student representative and a representative of technical and administrative staff holding a deciding vote, all of whom elected by the University Council.


  • The Rector, Prof. Franco Anelli
  • Prof. Gabrio Forti
  • Prof. Domenico Bodega
  • Prof. Angelo Bianchi
  • Prof. Luigi Pati
  • Prof. Marco Trevisan
  • Prof. Rocco Domenico Alfonso Bellantone
  • Prof. Maurizio Paolini
  • Prof.ssa Elena Beccalli
  • Prof. Giovanni Gobber
  • Prof. Albino Claudio Bosio
  • Prof. Guido Stefano Merzoni
  • Prof.ssa Anna Maria Fellegara

The following representatives are also serving members of the Senate:

  • Prof. Antonio Albanese
  • Prof. Alfredo Pontecorvi
  • Prof.ssa Lucia Ulivi
  • Prof.ssa Federica Wolf
  • Dott. Andrea Locatelli
  • Dott.ssa Stefania Balzarotti
  • Sig. Massimo Mascheroni 

The student representative serving on the Senate for the two-year academic term from 2017/18 to 2018/19 is Giorgio Impellizzieri.

The Secretary for the Academic Senate meetings is the university’s Administrative Director.