Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is made up of the Deans of the faculties and is chaired by the Rector and is the decision-making body for teaching and scientific issues of overall interest to the university and deliberates on matters concerning the regulations, planning and coordination of teaching and research activities.


  • The Rector, Prof. Franco ANELLI (Chair)
  • Prof. Stefano SOLIMANO
  • Prof. Domenico BODEGA
  • Prof. Angelo BIANCHI
  • Prof. Luigi PATI
  • Prof. Marco TREVISAN
  • Prof. Rocco Domenico Alfonso BELLANTONE
  • Prof. Maurizio PAOLINI
  • Prof.ssa Elena BECCALLI
  • Prof. Giovanni GOBBER
  • Prof. Alessandro ANTONIETTI
  • Prof. Guido Stefano MERZONI
  • Prof.ssa Anna Maria FELLEGARA

The following representatives are also serving members of the Senate for the four-year period 2018/19 - 2021/22:

  • Prof.ssa Raffaella IAFRATE
  • Prof. Mario Agostino MAGGIONI
  • Prof. Luca Gino CASTELLIN
  • Dott.ssa Erica DE CANDIA
  • Dott.ssa Sara DE CAROLIS
  • Sig.ra Giuseppina MARIANI.

student representative is also serving on the Academic Senate:

  • Sig. Giovanni AULINO

The Secretary for the Academic Senate meetings is the university’s Administrative Director.