Supervisory Board of the University

The Supervisory Body (SB) has autonomous powers of initiative and control and has the task of supervising the functioning, effectiveness, adequacy and compliance with the Model of Organisation, Management and Control of Università Cattolica.

The SB is responsible for collecting information on actual or attempted violations of the Code of Ethics, the Organisation, Management and Control Model, the Articles of Association and the Regulations.

Violations are reported to the SB through a system of information flow and can be communicated online through the use of a dedicated form.

In compliance with the laws in force and the provisions of the Code of Ethics of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the reporters are guaranteed against any form of retaliation, discrimination or disadvantage, and in any case the confidentiality of the reporter's identity is guaranteed.

Members of the University Supervisory Board:

Prof. Alberto GIUSSANI

Members appointed by the Board of Directors

  • Prof. Eugenio ANESSI PESSINA
  • Prof. Matteo Pasquale CAPUTO
  • Dr. Franco MASSI
  • Prof. Giovanni SCHIAVONE


The organisational structure that supports the activities of the SB is the Internal Controls and Auditing System Function, directed by Mr Matteo Burgazzoli.

Technical Secretariat

Tel. (+39) 02 7234 2933