Università Cattolica is pleased to offer you the use of an email account where you will be able to receive important announcements and useful information regarding your studies and your university life.

What your iCatt postbox will receive

  • student office communications regarding, for example, deadlines for submission of study plans, exam results reports, deadlines for payment of fees;
  • information about student opportunities such as programmes abroad or meetings with companies and about tuition fees and scholarships;
  • information about extracurricular opportunities offered by the university for personal and cultural growth.

How to access your iCatt email

  • enter through your iCatt page or through the button in this page, only after receiving an e-mail from our offices;
  • use your iCatt account username followed by (for example and your iCatt password.


Click here to enter your

(only after receiving an e-mail from our offices)

If you have difficulty accessing your mailbox please contact the following address for assistance: