It is still hard to speculate how the Covid-19 health epidemic will impact our lives and evolve in the upcoming months but we, at Università Cattolica, guarantee that the 2020-2021 A.Y. will proceed in full compliance with academic standards and safely measures.

“Everything possible in person, everything necessary from remote”. This is the #eCatt philosophy, our University’s new didactic strategy that foresees an integrated teaching method format that is balanced between traditional in-class lessons and digital learning. This will enable all enrolled students to better undertake and to continue their courses even from remote, without losing time and with full access to all learning materials.
Indeed #eCatt makes all the new initiatives collectively available so that students who cannot access the Campus can actively and fruitfully progress with their study courses.

So, as we look forward to the demise of social distancing we can reflect, and fully acknowledge, the invaluable importance of a teacher-student rapport which fosters individuality, knowledge and competence. Università Cattolica pledges a teaching model that will enable the student graduate body to participate in distance learning with streamed lessons (lecture rooms will have alive broadcast option), video recordings, educational support material and continual interaction with the teaching staff.

Essentially this is distance but not virtual teaching, the outcome of a strategic alliance of skills between the iLab (Cattolica’s e-learning service), Cremit (Centre for Research into Media Education and Tecnology Literacy) all the University Faculties, the Rector's delegate for teaching and the dedicated Academic Senate Committee. The integrated teaching strategy will be set to the highest scientific standards that have proven to be effective in the emergency period and which the University has further upgraded in view of the upcoming academic year.  

If it is not feasible to conduct the exams and final exams for graduation in person, then they will be held remotely through the University Learning Management System platform or other tools soon to be available.


Exam panels and final examination: guide and information

Extraordinary provisions concerning exam panels and graduation session panels related to the final examination

Microsoft Teams guide



In order to "navigate" through the library's electronic resources, often organized in large quantities within complex publishing platforms, we have chosen to use LibGuides, the most widespread online information tool in the world among academic libraries and scientific publishers


Our libraries are available by appointment only for the return and pick-up of books for lending

For details, you can consult the dedicated page of the libraries of the different campuses in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona and Rome