Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

University health, safety and environmental regulations

In relation to Health, Safety and Environmental issues, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has the strategic objective of protecting employees, professors and non-teaching staff, researchers, doctoral students, trainees, scholarship holders, students and visitors, as well as protecting the environments and equipment necessary for carrying out institutional activities as stated in the Institution mission.

It is the duty of all professors, students and administrative staff to cooperate to pursue the abovementioned objective and to continually verify that all requisites for maintaining health and safety standards in the workplace are met and that all procedures are acknowledged and diligently applied; if they are not applied, it is the duty of all to report any potentially dangerous situations and to collaborate with the services responsible for continuous upkeep of practices and procedures for maintaining all institutional activities.

Students can also contribute to improving safety (in compliance with current regulations) by adhering to the following regulations:

  1. observe the provisions and instructions given for the purposes of collective and individual protection;
  2. correctly use machinery, equipment, tools, substances and safety devices;
  3. use the protection devices made available to them in an appropriate manner;
  4. immediately report any fault in equipment and appliances to the personnel in charge, as well as other dangerous conditions of which they become aware and, in case of emergency, to work promptly within their capabilities to eliminate or mitigate such faults or hazards;
  5. refrain from removing or modifying any safety devices, warnings or controls without authorization;
  6. refrain from carrying out individual operations or manoeuvres that are not within their competence or that may compromise their own safety or that of others;
  7. to undergo the scheduled health checks in relation to guidelines put in place by the relevant doctor in charge of the institution’s health regulations;
  8. to fulfil all the obligations imposed by the competent authority or, in any case, necessary for the protection of health and safety in the University;
  9. to avoid behaviour that is deemed dangerous for oneself and others.

How to help maintain safety conditions:

in the corridors, on the stairs and in the halls:

  • do not run;
  • do not deposit objects that may clutter passageways;
  • keep passageways and emergency exits free.

in the institutes/departments, laboratories and library:

  • carefully follow the indications of the personnel in charge;
  • read the regulations of use, the instructions and the safety indications before using any appliance or equipment;
  • not use your own equipment without specific authorisation from the personnel in charge;
  • do not carry out any activity other than those didactic or authorised.

in places indicated:

  • do not smoke or ignite flames;
  • do not enter places where access is prohibited.

in case of emergency;

  • keep calm;
  • immediately report the emergency to the personnel present and/or use the telephone numbers indicated;
  • use the anti-incendiary devices to control an outbreak only if you are reasonably confident in succeeding (minor outbreaks) and have ascertained a safe escape route.

During an earthquake:

  • take shelter under a desk or table;
  • take shelter under a door frame;
  • distance yourself from bookcases or furniture that may fall on you;
  • stay away from windows or glass doors;
  • stay inside the room until the shake stops;
  • if you are outdoors, move away from buildings, trees and power lines.

General criteria for evacuating persons with disabilities

Accompany, or arrange appropriate help, for persons with reduced motor or sensory abilities to evacuate the building; if it is not possible to do so then, whilst waiting for rescue services, arrange for their transport to a suitable place (calm space or safe location) as indicated in the emergency drill plans, or to places not directly affected by the emergency. Report the situation to the EMERGENCY NUMBER 2000 and/or to the person in charge of the assembly point explaining the urgent need to evacuate the disabled person or the impossibility of carrying out it and clearly indicating their position inside the building.


A smoking ban applies in all Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore workplaces, within the limits, and with the procedures, set by the relevant legislation.

Emergency numbers:
To report safety issues please use the following emergency numbers:

Internal Emergency Rescue  
+39 02/72342000 from outside U.C. or from cellphone.
+39 02/72342262 from outside U.C. or from cellphone.

For clarification or further information please contact:
Health and Safety Service: marco.bolzoni@unicatt.it carlo.testa@unicatt.it

Emergency helpline for external rescue services: 112