Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Brescia Campus


Education, science and environment

6 Faculties and 3,800 students.
15 degree programmes: 8 Undergraduate programs, 1 single-cycle Undergraduate program and 6 Graduate programs.

The Brescia campus is an educational community incorporating various fields of study in the heart of one of Lombardy's most dynamic and productive cities and is located in the historical Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco dell' Aquilone. Since the creation of the first teacher training college in 1965, the Brescia campus has welcomed hundreds of students pursuing studies in education, schools and the environment.
Though remaining faithful to its original calling, the Brescia campus has expanded its course offerings, moving into different fields of study, from education to literature, from mathematical and physical sciences to languages, as well as subjects dealing with society. Among its various fields of study the campus stands out for its strengths in the area of physics, with a major focus on lab activity, including applied research in the fields of renewable energies and nanotechnologies. Close, productive working relationships with the international scientific community have made the campus a small, but labour-intensive "global village" in the field of science.

The Brescia campus is also home to the Religious Studies Istituto Superiore  and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies (ASA). Of particular interest are the Degree program in Sciences and Technologies of the Arts and Performing Arts (STARS) and the Bachelor’s Degree program in Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in Rome, taught at the Fondazione Poliambulanza.

The Brescia campus has agreements with four residential facilities to ensure student housing at affordable prices.