Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Why choose us

Università del Sacro Cuore offers a well-structured and multidisciplinary educational programme based on intensive study methods and scientific research together with a strong link with the world of work and the professions; it is also renowned for the many opportunities it provides for international exchanges and experiences.

Thanks to the university’s scientific research, along with its publications and international collaborations, Cattolica is accredited amongst the most prestigious European and global universities.

Its international profile is also guaranteed due to the numerous exchanges of foreign students, who choose Cattolica for its reputation, and of Italian students who are offered the opportunity to further their studies in universities around the five continents. To facilitate these beneficial exchanges the university has established several degree programmes taught entirely in English.[CE1] 

Cattolica also offers motivational solidarity training courses, thanks to numerous projects and collaborations implemented both in Italy and abroad. Research and training programmes are implemented in many developing countries and often provide direct intervention in emergency situations.

The University provides an extensive support system of services to students and their families which significantly contributes to enabling each student to develop and achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, for many years, the Università Cattolica has also focused on post-graduate programmes and has fostered the best possible forms of collaboration with other esteemed national and international universities and research centres together with successful companies, institutions and local bodies that operate in training and work opportunities. The goal is to create highly specialised educational projects that are constantly and consistently in line with the changing needs of the working world. Some courses are taught partially or entirely in a foreign language, with periods of study or project work abroad.