Research at Cattolica

Alongside teaching, research is one of the cornerstones on which Università Cattolica is built. The university is among those institutions of higher education in Italy with the highest independent investments in research and in some areas is among the top 25% nationally for excellence in scientific output.

A commitment to a close relationship between research and teaching — part of the DNA of the best universities — involves the whole sphere of education and training, at the same time opening towards the world of work. Università Cattolica maintains this link so that the research undertaken at the university can contribute significantly to passing on to new generations a body of knowledge based on scientific rigour in numerous diverse fields of study.


In 2012, Università Cattolica invested more than € 27 million and is ranked among the top Italian universities independently investing their own resources in research. A commitment spread across five national Campuses of a university that can boast 49 Institutes, 24 Departments, 79 Research Centres, 5 University Centres, 6 Spin-Offs and many laboratories in the front line on the frontiers of science.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the scientific activity involved 1,650 researchers spread over 10 disciplinary macro-sectors: Mathematical and computer sciences - Physical sciences - Biological sciences - Medical sciences - Agricultural and veterinary sciences - Antiquity, philological-literary sciences and historical-artistic - Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences - Legal sciences - Economic and statistical sciences - Political and social sciences.