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UCloud Connecting Knowledge

A tool to foster dialogue between science, research and policy making

 UCloud - Connecting Knowledge is a tool conceived by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore to favor and enhance dialogue between academia and its stakeholders. It is designed for everyone within institutions, associations, firms, and universities in Europe and all over the world who is interested in the cultural and scientific exchange of ideas, and in a concept of science as collaboration among people aiming at improving the society we live in.

We believe that dialogue is an important tool to bridge scientific knowledge and the policies put forth by institutions. As such, it requires to respect different opinions, to cooperate willingly, to be open-minded towards innovation and new research methods. UCloud - Connecting Knowledge stems from these convictions as a project to initiate a dialogue about topics that are relevant for the future of the whole human community and are promoted by researchers based at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

This project counts on two different interfaces: a website and a newsletter. The former proposes a set of contributions ranging from interviews to scientific papers and other resources: these texts offer an overview of the researches developed within our university, as well as interventions and comments by Italian and international scholars and politicians. The website welcomes also contributions by those who want to present researches, express opinions and suggestions, offer partnerships and highlight new study paths. The newsletter is reserved to a restricted number of contributions, and summarizes the topic thematized on the website through a preview of the articles, essays and interviews collected in the website.

Every six months a discussion devoted to a new topic is opened, but contributions and discussions are welcome at any time.

If you wish to contribute to UCloud send a short abstract of your contributon to UCloud editorial board.

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