Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Scholarships and Financial support

tUniversità Cattolica has always been committed to supporting the most deserving students with both dedicated financial support and mentoring support on the basis of merit and income criteria.

Student reception and financial assistance - EDUCatt

The tuition and university fees due for enrolment and attendance at Università Cattolica can be offset by various subsidies and financial support: scholarships, tuition fee refund, cash aid. An annual call for applications enables students to participate in the contest for the allocation of funds.
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Deduction of tuition and university fees

Students may be able to benefit from partial or total deductions if the fall into the following categories: students who are employed; students with other relatives within the household enrolled; families with disabled persons; graduating students, outside prescribed programme duration, who only sit the discussion of dissertation in the summer session; students enrolled in the first year of the degree programmes in Mathematics and Physics; students with disabilities; students receiving grants from the Italian Government; special allowances.
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Scholarships from the Giuseppe Toniolo Istitute for Higher Education

The Toniolo Institute aims to focus particular attention on deserving young people, particularly those who need support to complete the training programme within the University. The colleges offer students scholarships and hospitality in line with the institution’s mission to increasingly seek to become multifaceted places of education, meeting, dialogue and cultural and spiritual formation.
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Assistance fund for students with disabilities

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 17 dated 28 January 1999, Università Cattolica has set up a Service for the assistance, social integration and rights of disabled students; it can be accessed by all students with disabilities enrolled in the Università Cattolica degree programmes, the Postgraduate Schools and the University Specialising Master programmes.
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Scholarships and prizes

Numerous research and study scholarships, prizes and other University awards are made available to students each year. These are often linked to territorial, entrepreneurial and cultural enterprises that have a vested interest in the life of Università Cattolica and the education of students in specific areas of knowledge.

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PerTe Prestito con Lode (ForYou Loans cum Laude)

A loan with favourable options that facilitates your undergraduate and masters studies and gives you peace of mind to concentrate on your future career in the world of work. After completing your studies you can chose to pay back the full amount you were loaned in one instalment or you can apply for PerTe Prestito con Lode (ForYou Loans cum Laude).
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Deductions for tuition and university fees to be declared in the 2018 income tax return - for the 2017 tax year