Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Tutorial iCatt

In your personal iCatt page you will find information regarding the following:

  • your personal details
  • all your student records, i.e. how to create your study plan and register for exams
  • important messages and notifications from the Faculty and the University services.

With your account name you can access:

  • iCatt
  • Blackboard
  • iCatt Mobile
  • wireless on your University campus
  • Off Campus service

iCatt is divided into 4 sections: Homepage, Online registrar, Courses and Services and Opportunities. The “courses” section gives you direct access to courses activated on Blackboard by your instructors/professors.

How to access and set up your iCatt account

Log in to the application portal with your personal login and password details. If you have forgotten your account name Select the menu option “Forgotten account/user name”.

If you don’t have a username and password follow the instructions to set up your account (ITA) .

The system requires you to enter essential data like your e-mail address: all access credentials and any communications relating to your lessons and student records will be sent to the address indicated.

The account will be activated upon confirmation by clicking the link in the e-mail sent by the system. You will then be able to log in with your credentials.

IMPORTAN! The activation of the account requires access to an e-mail account and CANNOT be carried out from UCPOINT.


How do I access iCatt?

Access iCatt via: http://icatt.unicatt.it Put in you username and password and click on “Login”. If you don’t have a username and password, click against “Not yet registered” and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Do you have advice on creating a password?

You should avoid obvious passwords such as your first name or surname. Avoid mixing lower and upper case letters. You could think of a song or a book title and use the first letters of each word, and then add a number e.g. the first day of summer = tfdos213. You should use at least eight characters, making sure to use at least one letter and one number.

Can I change my password once set?

Go to: http://icatt.unicatt.it, select “CHANGE PASSWORD” and follow the instructions.

I forgot my iCatt password: what can I do?

Go to http://icatt.unicatt.it  and click on “Forgot password”. Put in your username, tax number (codice fiscale), your e-mail address and click “Confirm”. An automatically generated email will be sent to your address containing a link and instructions to follow to change your password.

I dont' remember my username: what can I do?

Select “Forgot username”. Put in your tax number (codice fiscale) and click on “Confirm”. You will receive an email with your username.
You can also send an e-mail to: gestione.iam@unicatt.it

I followed all the instructions but I’m still having difficulty using my account. What can I do?

You can send an email to gestione.iam@unicatt.it. Give your name and student number and describe the problem you have encountered and what you have done to try to solve it. Attach a screenshot of any error messages if possible.

How can I update my personal details?

Go to the “Personal details” section on the Homepage. Select “Update personal details” and once you have put in your changes, click “Save”.

How is the iCatt page structured?

iCatt is divided into 5 sections:

  • Homepage. The Homepage shows messages and notifications about your study programme and academic student records. You can view any exams programmed for the day, what computer rooms are available, and updates on schedule and room changes. You can also update your personal details.
  • Online registrar. Here you can manage your studies: you can register for exams, define and submit your study plan, deal with your family income form, submit you application for graduation and so on.
  • Courses. Here you have access to courses on Blackboard set up by your instructors/professors and you can select preferred courses that you want to have updates and information on.
  • Services and opportunities. Find out about university services, opportunities and discounts: the library, book loans, housing announcements, study abroad opportunities, employment and internship offers, discounts for students etc.
  • Help. This section gives you information that will help you get the most out of iCatt and Blackboard.