Code of Ethics

As a response to the increasingly complex nature of the University and its daily operations, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore reaffirmed its principles and fundamental values by defining more practical rules in order to ensure effectiveness and transparency of the entire organisation. An important step in this process was the introduction on 1 November 2011 of the University’s Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics assembles a set of rules which are in line with the values at the core of the University Statute and act as a guide for individual conduct: in doing so, it provides well-formulated, reasoned and ethical answers to questions and issues arising from an ever-changing social and professional context.

This was also the premise behind a second important innovation. With the aim of combining solidarity, efficiency and high-quality performance as far as possible, the University aligned its internal and external administration with advanced organisational standards and, taking inspiration from the Legislative Decree 231/2001, set out its own Organisation, Management and Control Model, and established a dedicated Supervisory Board. In so doing, the intention of the University was to reduce to a minimum, or possibly to even eradicate, the risk of any behaviour not in line with those rules of formal conduct and proper practice which must be considered as central to any personal and collective action by those who are part of the University.

Reports of real or attempted breaches of the Code of Ethics may be submitted to the Rector and/or the Supervisory Board (see Art. 54 of the Code of Ethics: “Reporting non-compliance”). The Supervisory Board may be notified by way of an online FORM.

In accordance with applicable laws and the provisions of the University’s Code of Ethics, any person reporting a breach of the Code of Ethics will be protected from any form of retaliation or discrimination, will not be penalised in any way, and will be assured anonymity.

The above-mentioned FORM can also be used to submit comments and suggestions to the Supervisory Board for improvements to the Code of Ethics»