Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

The new fashion paradigm. Product culture, quality and sustainability for fashion

What do we need for a groundbreaking professional training?

A paradigm shift is changing the way fashion items are designed, manufactured, told and sold: transparency, traceability and the circular economy have become new cornerstones in all fashion businesses. 

Designers, managers, professionals and service providers in the fashion supply chain need to extend their skills towards the social, ethical and environmental impact, in order to lead on transparency, social justice and safe environmental innovation.

Sustainability, innovation and CSR know-how are not a separate function anymore; they are increasingly embedded in all design practices and operations – engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and communication.


THE NEW FASHION PARADIGM will impart an up-to-date understanding of design and production practices, circular business models, digital technologies in the supply chain process and in the marketing and communication approaches for a culture of respect.

Università Cattolica, Fashion Revolution and Blumine are joining their efforts to design a brand new and focused syllabus aimed at providing new skills for the new fashion business scenario.

The project will address an area of study that has not yet been fully acknowledged by the standard syllabi and curricula in higher education programs, despite being highly demanded by brands and companies and a critical issue for designers, professionals and startuppers of the fashion business ecosystem. 

We offer a unique, professional education to innovate different industrial realities, projects that encourage collaborative thinking, problem solving solutions and creative techniques.


What new professionals need to learn:

  • sustainability and circular economy principles, because “There is nothing as practical as a good theory”
  • to re-think design practices, business models, communication strategies and stakeholder engagement in the perspective of sustainable quality
  • to analyse case studies of iconic products in order to understand their genesis and innovative potential
  • to listen to leaders from top international companies, learn from their experience and catch a bit of their vision and creativity
  • to look at the manufacturing processes of the fashion supply chain companies and discover the newest technical tools to make sustainable products and design a reality.


People willing to contribute towards a wider change in social and environmental practices, to build an industry that respects individuals and protects the environment.

Professionals who want to make a difference in their companies, believing that innovation can act as a catalyst to improve communities and society at large.
In particular: young, self-employed designers, engineers, managers and employees in the fields of design, buying, production, supply chain management, sales, marketing and communication.

The growth of environmentally sustainable and fair practices in the fashion industry will enhance the demand for professionals that have undergone a sector-specific education.

A bespoke programme - BE PART OF  IT

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Practical info:

where: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano, Italia
when: from Spring 2019
faculty: leading researchers, scholars; professionals from top-end fashion organizations
course delivery: a combination of lectures, filed projects, corporate visits and team work